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Insider’s Guide to 2016 Tile Trends

Posted by Daltile Team on Dec 9, 2015 10:30:00 AM

Thinking about revamping your kitchen or master bathroom in 2016? It’s never too early to start coming up with ideas and forming a vision of the design you want in your new space. 

With all the technology and introduction of unique styles recently, the tile industry has a lot to offer to help you achieve your vision. Here’s what you need to know about the trends that will drive tile this year.

 Showscape in Soft Grey and Stylish White with ArabesqueTile Trend #1: Wall Tile

Wall tile in 2016 is expanding to include designs far beyond mosaic backsplash. In fact, tile will be the wall covering of choice.

The three main trends in wall tile in 2016 are new and exciting but enduring, as well. For example, long tiles, at least 24 inches, will be a popular element. That means large format is acceptable on the wall. Even planks, especially wood-look planks, will define style in tile.

3D tile will be of major interest for designers in 2016. This tile pops off the wall in geometric patterns, waves, high-low mosaics, and the texture of handmade tile.

Metallic tile has been a favorite for a few years, but this year lustrous colors are taking a supporting role. They will remain a staple as an accent in 2016.


Tile Trend #2: Marble and Marble LookStone a la Mod in Contempo White oval polished

The white and grey look of marble never goes out of style so it is one of the most enduring trends of 2016. But designers are using marble and tile that looks like marble in new, innovative ways.

You’ll see marble-look porcelain in different formats like large wall tiles, mixed media mosaics, and supersized floor tiles. Ink-jet technology makes these look-alike tiles so close to the real thing, you’ll be hard pressed to notice the difference. Plus, porcelain is lower-maintenance than natural stone so it may be a good choice for busy families with young children.

Aged brick look tile


Tile Trend #3: Brick

The look of exposed, aged brick places you in a downtown Chicago loft no matter where you live. The industrial chic trend will continue into 2016 so look for tile versions of this design.

Traditionally, brick is a wall only element, but brick-look tile gives you the opportunity to use it on the floor too. It’s tough enough to stand up to traffic in your home and it gives you that rustic look without the worry.

Painted brick is another popular trend in brick for 2016. Tile is following suit with painted brick texture with geometric patterns, metallic accents, or even text.


Tile Trend #4: CementVolume 1.0 in Aural Sand 12 x 24

Cement will continue to be trendy in 2016. It is another of the industrial chic elements that will stick around for a while. Tile creations in concrete looks extend the usefulness of the trend by giving it even more enduring depth.

Cotto and cement combinations give you a deeply characterized cement look that is slightly aged and slightly classic but still contemporary. It’s the perfect option for transitional styling.

You’ll also see a lot of softer-toned concrete-look tile colors. The abruptness of industrial cement in warmer hues and softness makes the look something that won’t go out of style.

Concrete-look tiles are getting bigger in 2016 to continue the love of large format tiles. You’ll also see it appear in different shapes like planks and hex. Larger sizes and interesting shapes take basic cement to the next level.


Season Wood in Orchard GreyTile Trend #5: Wood

Wood, wood, wood! And it’s hotter than ever. Some new ideas in wood look for 2016 will breathe even more life into this established trend.

Reclaimed wood will continue to be the most in-demand wood-look tile. It gets better with each new product because of the ever improving technology that creates it. Aged looks go well with the industrial chic that so many designers love right now.

Painted wood is a new take on the wood-look tile trend. Whitewashed, aged paint, and wood textures with bright colors and geometric patterns open up a whole new world for wood-look tile.

Another new idea in wood-look is the cross grain visual. Instead of the usual wood grain you’re used to, cross grain is a different perspective. The cross grain is what you see when you look at a stump with all its rings. It’s rustic and different and a beautiful addition to the wood trend.


As you plan for your new build or renovations this coming year, look for innovative tile to match the year’s best trends.

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