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How to Use Textiles in Your Interior Design

Posted by Daltile Team on Jun 27, 2017 10:00:00 AM

Throw pillows, a blanket, and textured rug add interest to a simple design

Fabrics do a lot for design. They bring color, texture, and a level of detail that finishes a space. No room is finished without them. Fabrics aren’t just for window coverings and pillows though. Here are some tips for using textiles correctly and creatively for a distinctive, professional look.

Mix Patterns

Using several different patterns in your fabrics is a great way to keep your design interesting. But they can get overwhelming quickly if you mix too many other things in. Keep the color palette simple and stick to similar colors for all the patterns you incorporate.

Create Mood with Texture

Many fabrics carry a mood with them. Muslin is a fabulous texture for simple designs and rustic designs. But you wouldn’t necessarily put it in a luxurious bedroom design—silk might be better suited to that mood. Pay attention to the mood created by your fabrics to make sure they harmonize with your style rather than detract from it.

Fabric Art on the floor in Modern Textile Medium Gray and
Modern Kaleidoscope Ashen Steel Prism with Modern Linear Midnight Blue on the wall

Use Textiles as Art and Accents

Fine textiles woven into blankets, bright throw pillows, intricately embroidered linens all could be stand-alones. Display on the walls as art or make them the visual center of your design.

Take Inspiration

Sometimes you find a textile you love but you can’t find a place for it. Take what you love from the fabric and find a way to work it in. Maybe borrow its colors to create your palette. Maybe use its mood or flavor to define your style.

Transfer Textile Looks to Other Surfaces

The benefits of textiles don’t have to come from fabrics. There are plenty of textile looks and patterns on other surfaces that could add the same interest and mood to your space. Fabric-look tile, for instance, is a great way to build a foundation on textiles but still be able to rely on the durability and easy cleanability of tile.

The latest addition to Daltile’s portfolio, Fabric Art, was inspired by the drape of elegant weaves. It’s touchable texture that influences the eye and softens the perspective of the space. It’s available in 24 x 24 and 12 x 24 sizes and a 1 x 3 mosaic. The neutral colors and pattern options give you plenty of ways to play with your design.

Take a closer look at Fabric Art

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