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Going Green in 2018

Posted by Daltile Team on Apr 16, 2018 1:46:00 PM

Trends in Sustainability Design for the Home

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Homeowners are paying more attention to energy consumption and sustainability these days. In fact, about a third of homeowners say integrating green materials in their homes is a priority. 

Not only is environmental responsibility top-of-mind, net zero is a serious consideration, and a healthy home is synoymous with a green home.

With demand growing, the building market has responded with more options than ever before.

Here are some green trends to incorporate into your plans.

Holistic Energy Efficiency

Last year, California mandated that all new homes would be zero net energy by 2020. Now it's not a question of if, but when other states will follow. There are many materials and systems that can make a home more efficient.

Insulation made from hemp, wool, cotton, and soybean foam provide super insulation that's healthy and sustainable so it's easier to maintain interior temperatures. Passive solar design decreases energy consumption but maintains comfort. Materials like ceramic also help to maintain constant temperature. Of course there's net zero or net positive that returns energy back to the grid. A holistic approach will be what helps us achieve the ultimate in energy efficiency. 

Net Zero Water

If you’re undergoing a major renovation or building new, consider a net zero system. This type of system reuses greywater drained from washing machines and sinks for toilets and outdoor irrigation. It decreases your water consumption and allows you to recycle water immediately--and return water to the freshwater source.With several water crises in recent years and water shortages predicted in the coming years, this trend will gain even more momentum in 2018.

The HERSH2O Index--a water efficiency rating system--launches this year, which will give owners one more way to measure sustainability. It's consumer friendly and not only rates the water systems of the building but could help residents use less water.

Green Flooring

Eco-friendly flooring is in high-demand for 2018. There are so many ways to do the environment a favor with your flooring choices. You can get reclaimed wood or go for a sustainable material like cork or bamboo. You can also get tile made from recycled materials like glass, ceramic, or stone.

Ceramic and porcelain tile are excellent options for a green and healthy home. They are no-VOC so you won’t have to worry about your indoor air quality. Daltile lets you search for tile by recycled content and other green properties. Check it out today!

EmersonWood_RES_01_CU01Emerson Wood on the floor and the wall

DAL_HanleyWood_Orlando_067.jpghome automation

The smart thermostat learns your habits, such as, when you are home or away, the temperatures you prefer at different times of the day, etc. then it self-adjusts. Amazingly, this saves homeowners up to 15% on heating and cooling bills.

Just about everything in a home can be controlled digitally. A digital home manager and energy storage system lets you control not only your thermostat, but appliances too. One system to control all your energy consumption across the house lets you monitor it more effectively.

Sustainable Landscaping

Lawns are out of trend. Xeriscaping is the next big thing. You’ve seen landscaping like this in your neighborhood—it uses drought-resistant, native plants to reduce water consumption of traditional green lawns.

We’re not just talking cactus and mulch here. Your landscaping doesn’t have to be spare to be sustainable. Rely on native plants and you can have a very interesting landscape without using extra water. And if you still need some traditional grass, go ahead, just select a drought-tolerant grass or limit your application of it.

biophilic Design

A huge trend over the last several years is bringing the outdoors into the house. Biophilic design is incorporating anything natural into a design. This might be in the form of plants and greenery, or it might be larger windows and skylights that harvest natural light, or it could be the use of natural and sustainable materials.

Another hot outdoors-in trend is designing spaces that connect the outdoor living space to the indoor living space. A retractable or folding wall instantly connects the inside of the house to the outdoor entertaining space, and voila, the outdoors are suddenly an extension of the living room! Check out Daltile products such as Saddle Brook XT that let you seamlessly connect both spaces with products suitable for both indoors and out.


A green home is more within reach than ever before. Go green for your home in 2018!

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