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3 Outdoor Tile Trends & Ideas to Transform Your Patio

Posted by Daltile Team on Mar 28, 2017 10:30:00 AM

Designing with Exterior Tile

You’ve seen it. You’ve even designed for it. The outdoor living space is nearly as important as the indoor living space for homeowners today. Even commercial spaces are putting more stock into outdoor spaces. It’s healthy, fun, and the result of saturating ourselves in smart phones.

Outdoor living is the trendiest thing to hit design since Minimalism. Not only has outdoor living become a big thing, but the lines between inside and outside are generally blurred. If you can find it outside, you can find it inside and vice versa.

Exterior tile is a great start to an outdoor living design. It sets the tone and elevates your space. Here are three outdoor tile trends to keep an eye on.

Dignitary pavers Haut Monde in Empire Black 24 x 48 on the floor with Dignitary 2cm pavers in Eminence Grey on the grass

1. Low-Maintenance Look-Alikes

With the line between indoors and outdoors so fuzzy, the demand for high-design tile that can go outside is more than ever before. That’s because tile delivers unmatched durability. It’s resistant to moisture, mold, lichen, and moss. The bugs leave it alone for the most part. And it’s resistant to UV damage.

On top of all that, you can get it in wood and stone looks that invite the luxury of the indoor space to your outdoor party! Daltile’s Saddle Brook XT is a gorgeous wood-look plank tile suitable for the outdoors. It stands up to extreme temperatures and won’t crack in dry climates or rot in wet climates like wood decking might.

2. Large Pavers

New age porcelain pavers are large, stylish, and durable—you could even put them on the driveway if you wanted to. The beauty of these pavers is that they can be used in so many ways. They can be placed in gravel, grass, or sand like traditional pavers.

These pavers come in authentic stone looks for an upscale element in your design. Watch for more design options available in pavers very soon, such as wood-look and upscale concrete looks.

Check out Dignitary porcelain tile for the most trend-forward pavers.

3. Feature Walls

Feature walls aren’t just for the indoors anymore. They serve a functional purpose, as well as adding architectural interest to a design. One of the most prominent places you’ll see feature walls outdoors is in expansive fireplace surrounds that go up to near ceiling height.

A wall in the outdoor design helps to separate the space and differentiate it from other areas of the yard. Create a kitchen area with a bar or a backsplash to the grill. You could even jazz up a brick oven with tile.

Most homeowners are careful about choosing neutral colors for the indoor scheme. But for the outdoor scheme, they are more willing to go bold or colorful, especially if there’s a pool to coordinate with. Glass mosaic is a popular option and Daltile’s City Lights offers a sophisticated bling that’s perfect for the outdoor feature wall.

Make your backyard a haven with reliable and gorgeous outdoor tile.

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